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Redcord ®

Safety information

Download the PDF with safety test guidance and maintenance

Redcord straps and slings are made of strong fabric, and max load if given with a great safety margin according to European Union (EU) directives. Despite this, Redcord equipment will be exposed to wear and tear over time, and by cleaning, storing, shock load and/or wrong use may reduce the product life time.

To make sure your equipment is of good quality and safe to use, please:

  • Inspect straps and slings regularly

  • Perform the safety test monthly

  • Replace straps and slings with visual damage

  • Respect the maximum load given

  • Correct cleaning of straps and slings

  • Store the equipment correctly

  • Avoid wrong use

How your can change the ropes in your Redcord Traine :

Stand in front of the Redcord Trainer, holding the ropes in the middle in one hand, and the straps in the other. Gently pull the middle ropes straight down until they loosen, and then pull towards you. Hold the ropes tight, pull the straps straight down to the desired height (do not jerk them – gentle movements work best)

Locking the straps
Release the middle ropes so that they hang straight down. The straps will lock when loaded.

Raising the straps
Pull the middle ropes straight down until the straps are at the desired height. The straps will lock when loaded.

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