• Safety warning

    Redcord advices all its customers that has purchased slings and straps that were produced between 2009 and 2011, to immediately check the material that attaches the D-Ring to the rest of the sling/strap. Click to read more
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  • Available seats! - Redcord Active Courses

    25th of April, Redcord Active Introduction
    26th of April, Redcord Active Corrective Exercise
    27th of April, Redcord Active Multi-Suspension Exercise

    All courses will be held in English. Sign up to day!
    Active PT
  • Welcome to the Redcord Conference 2014!

    September 26th 2014 at Thon Hotel Opera, Oslo, Norway

    Register before April 11th and you can win a Redcord AXIS!

    Click here for registration and more info
  • Your body is made to rotate!

    The Redcord AXIS is here! By introducing rotational movements, Redcord is revolutionizing suspension exercise. Are you ready to rotate?

  • Redcord - the common thread

    Redcord is the common thread between healthcare and an active life. Based on over 20 years of knowledge, Redcord has developed solutions for three purposes; Medical, Active and Sport.

    Read more in the"Redcord main brochure"


  • Effective results with Stimula®

    The Redcord Stimula® sends vibrations through the ropes to selected body areas to increase activation of muscles, increase muscle strength, improve flexibility and reduce pain.

    Read more about Redcord Stimula in Neurac® treatment

  • Redcord "Works for Every Body"

    Redcord training exercise the muscle interaction, working out your smaller stabilizing muscles and the larger visible muscles. Working out in slings improves your body function - whether you are an exerciser, athlete or rehabilitating after injury.
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