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Research has shown that physical inactivity or pain can deactivate one or more muscles, forcing other muscles to compensate and become stressed or over-worked. This often leads to movement dysfunction and pain.

Redcord’s newly developed muscle activation treatment, Neurac™, aims to activate deactivated or partially deactivated muscles. This often causes immediate relief from acute and chronic muscle pain in just one treatment. 

Suspension exercise using Redcord's unique methods and equipment is an efficient tool for functional strength training and injury prevention used among fitness enthusiasts and world class athletes all over the world.


Redcord seminar for Golfers

On April 16 and June 16, Australian Exercise Physiologist and Physiotherapist, Glenn Bilby, will join Golf Professional and head pro Martin Lindén and local physiotherapist Anethe Berkesi at Sommaro Golfklubb’s  for an evening seminar on ‘How Functional Trainings Improves Performance and Prevents Injury for Golfers’
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First Neurac 1 Instructor course in Thailand

SmartMed is a relatively new distributor for Redcord. Despite of this, SmartMed has already done a lot to bring knowledge and awareness about Neurac and Redcord to customers in Thailand.
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